Law Firm Leads

Law Firm Lead Generation Strategies – what works and what doesn’t?  Lawyers are perhaps the most marketed to industry from marketing agencies.  They are overwhelmed on a daily basis with emails, cold calls and targeted social posts trying to capture their business.  Marketing agencies love law firms because they see them all over television and billboards.  The assumption is they have large marketing budgets and a need to market themselves.  With all of this overwhelming pressure from agencies, how should a law firm even know where to begin when choosing an agency to partner with??

The one thing we always tell law firms when they are exploring a marketing agency is to feel like you are the one being interviewed.  Successful marketing agencies have built formulas for success that they know will work for them.  A successful agency is always going to want to partner with a firm who will hold up their end of the bargain.  If the agency is pushing high quality work to the firm, they need to know that the firm will diligently work those opportunities and retain or close their clients.  Why?  Successful agencies know the power of results.  The conversations should always be around results and ROI.  The higher the return the law firm is seeing, the higher the success the agency can report.  It needs to be a 100% collaborative effort on lead generation.  There needs to be a lot of interaction between both parties to ensure performance is up to par.

This brings us to Design Thumbprint.  The cornerstone of our success has been our earned business model.  We are very diligent in building case studies on all of the lead generation campaigns we run with collaboration from our law firm clients.  Our goal is to build a look-a-like case for your firm so at a minimum, you know what to expect.  This allows you to plan around that opportunity and see a long-term vision to scale your firm.  We also like to ease our way into it with you.  We don’t expect any long-term commitments or high cost  risks from you until you are seeing the results you want.  All of our leads are 100% exclusive to you and come to you in real-time.  Our relationship is a true partnership because our success is dependent on yours.  We are fortunate that we have proven this model over years of hard work.

With the number of choices you have, you should look at agencies who want to earn your business and work heavily with you up-front.

COVID-19 Update

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this crazy time. Design Thumbprint is fully functional and here to help with anything you need. To our current clients, we are committed to helping in any way we can to ensure your business sees these times through.

Fortunately COVID-19 has sparked some opportunities to help the industries the serve. With the shelter-in-place orders around the country, many more eyes are on the work we do. People have more time to explore your products and services, making this an unprecedented time in our industry. This is especially true in our verticals of insurance and law firm marketing. Your products and services are drastically helping people during this time and the response has been overwhelming. We would be happy to discuss what we are currently doing to foster business growth during this time for you.

Our normal business hours are fully operational and please utilize us for any help you need. Our community is extremely important to us as well as the health and safety of our friends and family. God Bless all and we look forward to prospering with you through these difficult times.