Industries We Serve: Law Firms

In our first-ever blog series, we’re talking about specific industries that we have worked and seen success with over the years. First up, law firms!

Let’s just address the elephant in the room right out of the gate. We’ve heard this phrase countless times: “But law firms don’t need marketing, their services just sell themselves.”

The law industry (or any industry, frankly) does need some kind of marketing – whether it’s commercials, social media, or a storybrand style website. While yes, everyone might need a law firm at some point, a practice still needs to be approachable and consumer-friendly to earn business without a client referral.

Our specialty for law firms is attracting potential clients through social media, which is also referred to as lead generation. Running lead generation campaigns is a very complex system to explain quickly. However, the bare bones of it is this: we run ads targeting people that are searching for a particular need (maybe it’s a specific claim lawsuit or other service) and ask these potential clients to fill out a form to be contacted immediately.  

As a lawyer your time is your most valuable asset.  With this methodology we design our intake to essentially have people raising their hands saying “I need to talk to you.”  All leads are 100% exclusive to you and come in real-time.  These are designed to minimize your intake time and maximize your case retention with little effort.

Attract → Get their info → Talk to them. Seems simple enough, right? What you don’t see is our team on the backend constantly testing target audiences and budget spends during certain times to really maximize results. 

According to the American Bar Association, the vast majority of law firms do not create an annual marketing budget. This suggests that firms do not intentionally have a marketing strategy in place, and don’t often analyze marketing efforts (like a website or social media page) for a return on investment (ROI).  

To quote Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, “Stop the madness!” Not only do our clients receive monthly analytics from us, they also get full reports on all social media and website efforts as they come. No more operating in the dark and sporadic email blasts! Have you ever heard of an investment returning 11,000% on your money?  Ask us how we did it.

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